Self Storage Facilities

Self Storage Facilities

Packing Tips to save time and money!

  • You'll need a marker pen, white paper, sealing tape and cartons.

  • Keep filled weight of cartons under 15 kilos.

  • Label cartons room by room!

  • White goods should be dry and clean, with a deodorizer inside fridges & freezers and the doors propped open.

  • Place a layer of packing paper inside the bottom and top of cartons containing breakables and label with a fragile on the outside.

  • Mirrors and paintings should be wrapped in bubble wrap.

  • Battery operated items should have batteries removed.

  • Computers and all electrical equipment need special care - use original boxes if possible.

  • Drain oil and fuel from all machinery to avoid damage and fire hazard.

Cancel home deliveries, disconnect power & phone. Redirect mail through Australia Post. Notify change of address to business houses & important authorities.